CONCRIT (CONstructive CRITicism) is a network of

practitioners, students, educators, researchers, employees

in local authorities, NGOs, trade union activists, artists

and others with an interest in, children, young people and

adults in pedagogical and educational settings. We are

concerned with their welfare, and the educational and

social policy and practice that affect them.

The main purpose of the network is:

  • to identify and critique present neo-liberal and
  • neo-conservative tendencies in the field of education

and upbringing

  • to develop alternative solutions;
  • to broaden reflection and analysis on these issues, and

to strengthen democratic dialogue between people of

different countries


ConCrit is based on some fundamental principles:

Firstly, the principle of discussions as an alternative to

conclusions and decisions.

Secondly, the principle of participation without costs,

and thirdly, the principle of the public space.

The international conferences are realised with reference

to these three principles.