Preliminary Program for ConCrit conference, 25 and 26 of May 2018 i LisBOA:

- Sustainability -

in upbringing, education, nature - and as a critical concept


The magazine “Children in Europe to day“, APEI- Associcáo de Profissionals de Educacao de Infancia - and the network of ConCrit have together created the theme: "Sustainability - in upbringing, education, nature - and as a critical concept". The conference Concrit has invited different persons in Europe to contribute to the theme. These persons will make speeches of different kind (keynotes, public discussions, “dialogues”) and their contributions will afterwards be published in the magazine Children in Europe to day. The intention is to bring light over a well-discussed concept, to consider its use in practise and in thinking – and to reconsider whether it could be – or are - a critical concept.


The conference takes place in the park Jardim da Estrela, Lisboa


Friday May 25




14.00-14.30: - Welcome and Conference start: Luis Ribeiro, APEI and Claus Jensen, ConCrit


14.30-15.00: 1.Keynote:

Mariana Valente, Janine da Silva and Maria Ilhéu, Portugal - Universidade de Évora: Becoming lovers of the Earth: dialogues on education


15.00-16.30: Group discussions


16.30-18.30: 2.Keynote:

The movie Cowspiracy and discussiosn afterwards


18.30-19.00: Discussion of possible themes for group discussions


19.00-20.00: We finish the day with a glas of wine.


Dinner in self-organized groups in town



Saturday May 26


9.00 – 9.30: Welcome, presentation of themes for group discussions, and formation of discussion groups


9.30-10.00: 3. Keynote:

Assunção Folque and Fátima Aresta, Portugal: Yes we can! Building-up sustainability from Early Childhood


10.00-10.30: 4. Keynote:

Jeanne Hansen, Barcelona: Sustainability - Creating an environment for our small children


10.30-11.00: Dialogue between the 2 keynoters and the participants


11.00-12.00 Group discussions of the selected themes


12.00- 13.00: Lunch


13.00-13.30: 5.Keynote:

Alberto Rabitti, Italy:The importance of simple things


13.30-16.30: Continued group discussions of the selected themes


16.30-18.30: Final discussion between all the keynoters and the participants


18.30-19.00: Culturel event and Fare-well….


Dinner in self-organized groups in town..